Equipment Status


Equipment List of Busan Factory

No Instrument Name Control No. Manufacturer Dimension
1 Micro Vickers Hardness Tester DS-T-03 FUTURETECH CORP FM-700 (FMS0634)
2 Micro Vickers Hardness Tester DS-T-04 FUTURETECH CORP FM-700 (FMX0848)
3 Rockwell Hardness Tester DS-T-01 MITUTOYO SR-200 (R090701)
4 Rockwell Hardness Tester DS-T-02 MITUTOYO SR-300 (R040704)
5 Equotip Hardness Tester DS-T-05 G&5 TECHNOLOGY HT-2000A (20-10447)
6 Metallurgical Microscope DS-T-06 OLYMPUS GX41F (1E22414)
7 Grinding and polishing machine DS-T-23 KOREA TECH 2구 MANUAL AUTO 0-902 RPM
8 Mounting press DS-T-22 KOREA TECH HM-130 ¢ 32
9 Vernier calipers DS-T-08 MITUTOYO CD-20PSX 200mm (12269742)
10 Vernier calipers DS-T-09 MITUTOYO CD-15PSX 150mm (11414007)
11 Vernier calipers DS-T-10 MITUTOYO ANALOGUE 150mm (9151750)
12 Vernier calipers DS-T-11 MITUTOYO ANALOGUE 200mm
13 Vernier calipers DS-T-12 MITUTOYO ANALOGUE 300mm (H31368)
14 Magnetic particle tester DS-T-24 KOREA TECH COIL TYPE
15 Densitometer DS-T-17 ATAGO MASTER-M MANUAL Brix 0.0~33.0%
16 Height gauge DS-T-07 MITUTOYO DIGITAL 0~300mm (13102614)
17 Cylinder gauge DS-T-13 MITUTOYO ANALOGUE 50~150mm
18 Micrometer (external diameter DS-T-14 MITUTOYO M110-25 0~25mm0.01 (103-137)
19 Micrometer (bore) DS-T-15 MITUTOYO IMP-50 25~50mm0.01 (145-186)
20 Dial gauge DS-T-16 MITUTOYO ANALOGUE0~1.00mm0.01 (2046S)
21 Magnifying glass DS-T-18 - -
22 Precision surface plate DS-T-19 Geumsung Instrument 900 x 600mm
23 Digital thermometer DS-T-20 LINE SEIKI TC-400 0~900℃ (D008294)
24 Almen gauge DS-T-21 EectronicsInc TSP-3 (2454)

Equipment List of Uiryeong Factory

No Instrument Name Control No. Manufacturer Dimension
1 Micro Vickers DS-T-01 DS-T-01-01 MITUTOYO HM-122 (300161107)
DS-T-01-02 MITUTOYO HM-122 (900201404)
2 Rockwell Hardness Tester DS-T-02 DS-T-02-01 MITUTOYO HR-521 (401101209)
DS-T-02-02 SAMIL SR-300 (R-130506)
3 Equotip Hardness Tester DS-T-04 G&R RESTING CORP. 20-3449
4 Metallurgical Microscope DS-T-03 OLYMPUS GX71
5 Grinding and polishing machine DS-T-07 DS-T-07-01~02 MAGRAM 0~1,000 RPM
6 Mounting press DS-T-08 MAGRAM 2 gate automatic type (HM-130)
7 Vernier calipers DS-T-10 DS-T-10-01~03 MITUTOYO 0~300mm (0010116)
8 Magnetic particle testing equipment DS-T-05 Wooshin Industry COIL TYPE
9 Densitometer DS-T-12 ATAGO -
Densitometer DS-T-12-02 ATAGO -
10 Base metal thermocouple DS-T-18 DS-T-18-01~10 SAMJIL heating furnace No. 1~4 (K-TYPE)
11 Sample cutting machine DS-T-06 DS-T-06-01~03 MAGRAM 3,200RPM
12 Dial gauge DS-T-09 DS-T-09-01~05 MITUTOYO MXL533 [0.01~10mm]
13 Micrometer DS-T-11 DS-T-11-01-5 MITUTOYO 0~25mm (7113950)
14 Digital thermometer DS-T-13 LINE SEIKI TC-700/0~1000℃ (D008294)
15 Thermometer for base metal thermocouple DS-T-14 - K-TYPE / 0~900℃
16 Temperature controller DS-T-15 DS-T-15-01~7 NOVA heating furnace No. 1~4
17 Thermograph DS-T-16 DS-T-16-01-4 CHINO heating furnace No. 1~4
18 Illuminometer DS-T-17 TES 110211276
19 Magnifying glass DS-T-19 PEAK x40
20 Gauss meter DS-T-20 R.B.ANNIS COMPANY for measuring unit of mT
21 Cylinder gauge DS-T-21 MITUTOYO Body: 0024798
Dial: MXL533
22 ECT
(Eddy current testing equipment)
DS-T-22 O.M.P THE-310