CEO Greeting

The representative company of first class technology, "Daesung Total Heat Treatment Co., Ltd.", which leads the heat treatment industry

Daesung Total Heat Treatment Co., Ltd. is the proven high frequency heat treatment company

Under the management philosophy "Innovative enterprise creating the customer's value", we have advanced to diverse areas of the high frequency heat treatment business such as automative parts, construction equipment parts, agricultural machinery parts, etc. by the constant technology development and the customer satisfaction for last 25 years and currently, we are supplying the heat-treated parts to the prominent car manufacturers such as Hyundai-Kia Motors, Renault Samsung, Ssangyong Motors (domestic car manufacturers), Ford, GM, Chrysler (overseas car manufacturers), etc.

Daesung Total Heat Treatment Co., Ltd. is expanding its business continuously.

In 2013, we secured the site of 3,662 pyeong at Dongdong Industrial Complex at Uiryeong-gun, Gyeongnam and installed the automated lines for high frequency heat treatment of ball stud and stub shaft.

Daesung Total Heat Treatment Co. Ltd. is making effort for continuous development of technology.

We are the company with proven technical skills having intellectual property rights such as 17 registered domestic patents, 16 applied domestic patents, 2 applied overseas patents, 2 registered domestic trademarks, etc. based on the powerful academic-industrial-institution partnership by the establishment of institute and the academic-industrial activities with various universities in Busan-Gyeongnam, Korea Institute of Industrial Technology and Automotive Part Support Center to become the best company in the area of high frequency heat treatment.

Daesung Total Heat Treatment Co., Ltd. places the importance on the talent.

With the thought that the talent is the future of our company and guarantees the success of our company, we place the importance on the talent and are making effort to secure the talents. We are aiming at the company, which prioritizes the customer satisfaction and value with the self-confidence that we can challenge passionately and can do what we want around the creative talents having sense of responsibility and ownership.

Making the utmost effort with the best facilities produces the best outcome.

Our company is raising the attitude of quick change and the responsiveness to the rapidly changing management environment and will be engaged in the business sincerely with the attitude of core enterprise emphasizing the customer's value in the global era.

CEO of Daesung Total Heat Treatment Co., Ltd